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Release notes

This page highlights noteworthy changes in each release.

Refer to the CHANGELOG for detailed Git changes.


  • Validates 1.3 signatures but will not generate them.
  • Supports other 1.3 features such as actions v2 and ingredients v2.
  • Supports adding claim_generator_info to a manifest.
  • Icons for claim_generator_info can be added as resource references.
  • The SDK will create v2 actions or ingredients if required, but defaults to v1.


NOTE: This release introduced a 1.3 required change in signature format that is not compatible with previous verify code. We want to give some time for developers to integrate 1.3 validation before using 1.3 signatures. Please avoid using 0.5.4 and update to 0.6.0 which can validate the new format but does not create it.


  • Fixes a bug where ingredient thumbnails were not generated.
  • You can now pass an ingredient.json file or folder using the command line --parent option. If a folder is passed as an ingredient, the tool will look for an ingredient.json fle in that folder.
  • Fixes --parent is no longer relative to the --manifest path


  • Removes manifest preview feature
  • Tests for similar extensions
  • Adds .svg support


  • Updates the sample certs which had expired
  • Updates to the README for 0.5.0 changes


  • Adds support for many new file formats, see supported file formats.
  • Manifests and Ingredients can read and write thumbnail and c2pa resource files.
  • Adds -i/--ingredient option to generate an ingredient report or folder.
  • Changes to Manifest Definition:
    • ingredients now requires JSON Ingredient definitions.
    • ingredient_paths accepts file paths, including JSON Ingredient definitions.
      • base_path no longer supported. File paths are relative to the containing JSON file.