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Viewing manifest data

Initializing the library

The way that you import wasmSrc and workerSrc varies depending on the build system you use. For more information, see Quick start.

Viewing manifest data

If the input provided to has a C2PA manifest and was processed without errors, the returned c2paReadResult contains a manifestStore.

The manifestStore object contains a few properties:

  • manifests: An object containing all manifests found in an asset, keyed by UUID.
  • activeManifest: A pointer to the latest manifest in the manifest store. Effectively the "parent" manifest, this is the likely starting point when inspecting an asset's C2PA data.
  • validationStatus: A list of any validation errors the library generated when processing an asset. See Validation for more information.

Manifest objects contain properties pertaining to an asset's provenance, along with convenient interfaces for accessing assertion data and generating a thumbnail. The example in this sandbox demonstrates a basic workflow: reading a sample image, checking for the presence of a manifest store, and displaying the data in the active manifest:

The source code for this example is in the c2pa-js-examples repo.

This example also features the use of the selectProducer selector function. See Selectors for more information.